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The Princess Bride: S. Morgenstern's Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure - William Goldman I may be one of the few people who have never watched the entire movie "The Princess Bride" I always seem to catch it in the beginning (and somehow leave during the middle) or the end. I guess it never interested me enough to seek out the movie and watch the entire thing. That should have been my first clue...

It's not that I didn't find the book clever. I did. Once I figured out the Morgenstern thing, I realized what an imaginative concept Goldman had put to pen. The edition I read had 2 introductions (which I skimmed) and the Buttercup's Baby section. I could have done without all the extras. I didn't really find them all that interesting.

The story itself would have been much much better without all of the 'explanations and interruptions' They really started to grind on my nerves.

As for the story... my favorite characters were not the main characters. I enjoyed the sections with Inigo and Fezzik the most. Westley was cruel to Buttercup and his 'love' for her could just as easily be interpreted as possessiveness. Especially the part where he slaps her! What in the world! I didn't see him as a knight in shining armor at all. Buttercups personality is flat and dull as well. I just couldn't really sympathize with her at all.

There were some funny parts, but nothing really laugh out loud funny to me. I was happy when I finished.

Overall, it was okay and there were several sections that held my attention. I just didn't enjoy the book enough to give it more than 2 stars. As the goodreads ratings attest, most readers don't agree with me on this one.