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The World Champion of Staying Awake - Sean  Taylor, Jimmy Liao Things we loved:
*The bright colors but not too bright for a bedtime story.
*The end papers. Well this was something I liked. I was wondering if the illustrator meant to invoke thoughts of Stellaluna. There are 3 bats and a moon on the front end papers and owls and a moon on the back end papers. The little girls name is Stella.
*The fact that Stella is putting her animals to sleep, and behaving as the adult.
*Biggest like : The rhyming 'adventure' pages where Stella pretends they are on a boat, train, and hot-air balloon. (The 8 yr old had an issue with her just calling it a balloon...*mom rolls eyes here) We both loved the gorgeous full 2 page illustrations and the rhymes were perfectly done. I hate it when they seemed forced, and these definitely weren't
*Wacky questions animals asked to avoid going to sleep.

Things we didn't like
*Can't think of anything really. Great book!