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Makeda - Randall Robinson ...son, you won't need to talk to my headstone in order to talk to me. I won't be there. I'll be in the air and the Earth. I'll be in the stars that light the African heavens. I'll be watchin' over you and your family. My spirit will always be close enough to touch and protect you all. So, do not grieve for me. My body will die, but my soul will live on. For my soul cannot die. Always remember that my soul is the spark of God in me."

Isn't that beautiful?! Sometimes one quote can make an entire novel. Truly this quote sums up the heart of Makeda. I was intrigued by idea of blood memories. How wonderful would it be to have lived many lives and actually remember those lives?! Makeda is about much more than that though. I learned about the Dogon people (why have I never heard of them?) and I will be researching much more about Timbuktu and also the Golden Age of the African continent.

Robinson also attempted to explore different familial relationships. I felt he was most successful when he wrote about Graylon and his love for his grandmother. A grandparents love is a beautiful thing and I was touched by the tenderness described in Makeda.

I wanted more from the other relationships in Gray's life. His parents and his brother got the short end of the stick in this story. These characters felt flat and voiceless. I was especially disappointed with the entire Gordon episode. Why did his father disown Gray like that? It just didn't seem to be a rational response to the tragedy described.

It took me a while to finish this novel, and I think it was because of PART 2. It just did not interest me much. "Gray Goes to College" was very dry compared to everything else in this novel.

Overall, a good book and one I am glad to have had the opportunity to read. (Goodreads giveaway)