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Ape House - Sara Gruen The premise of the book was interesting, but that was the only good thing about it. The story went back and forth between two story lines. One involved Isabel, the researcher who works with the bonobos and who was badly injured in the bombing attack on the lab. The other involved John, a reporter, and his wife. Unfortunately, I was not interested in John's story line at all. John's wife Amanda was very whiny and I had to force myself not to just skim over the sections with her in them. It was very simple to figure out who was behind the destruction of the Language Lab, and most of the story was predictable. There were also some weird things in the book like written out sound effects ... boots that went clunk, clunk explosions that rocked with Ka-Booms ! written out in italics. It seemed very juvenile for a non YA book. Overall, I was mostly bored with this story. "It was ok" is the perfect description for it.