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Year of Wonders: A Novel of the Plague - Geraldine Brooks "Cry now, my friends, but hope, also! For a better season will follow this time of Plague, if only we trust in God to perform His wonders!"

And cry they did. Before the village of Eyam could get to the better season they had to watch their loved ones die painful and horrific deaths, endure the panic driven madness of their neighbors, and suffer isolation from the rest of the world.

Brooks does an excellent job of setting this macabre scene. We get to know Anna, the rectors maid, intimately and she introduces us to the good and not-so-good people of her village.

Brooks manages to write beautifully about a horrific event in human history. I found myself wondering what a modern town would do in a similar situation. I can hardly imagine people willingly submitting to a self quarantine, but maybe I underestimate my contemporaries...

I enjoyed this novel and highly recommend it. I am also going to seek out Brooks' other novels.