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Houdini Heart - Ki Longfellow I had very high hopes with this one. The stellar goodreads rating tripped me up I guess. I was so excited to read it, that I even figured out how to use inter-library loans just to get my hands on it. I learned something new and I suppose that is a good thing, but I regret I summoned this book from 100's of miles away just to bore me while I read it and enrage me at the end.

I wanted to throw this book into a wall when I finished it. Despite this being labeled/shelved as a horror, fantasy, thriller..I was neither horrified or thrilled with this book. I just wanted it to end, and then the end gave me that "What?! That's it?!" reaction that I really cannot tolerate from a book. I did not like the main character, and the repetitive nature of this novel irritated me. Maybe other authors/writers would enjoy this book more because there are a lot of name dropping(s) between these pages. At one point the main character scoffed at another character because they didn't know who Shirley Jackson (she keeps coming up in books I'm reading this year.. weird) was and concluded that the person must not be a reader. Well, I read quite a bit and I never knew who she was until last year, and only read one of her books this year. I guess I'm not a REAL reader. Who knew?

Oh well. I really enjoyed her Hypatia book, and will probably go ahead and read the Magdalene book. She really does historical fiction well, but fell short with this pseudo pschological horror novel.