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Carnival: A Novel - Rawi Hage
Fly is a taxi driver in Montreal(or a city much like it, the book never really specified) and the book Carnival is centered around his interactions with the people he has met both as a driver and in his everyday life.

Fly had an unusual upbringing as the child of circus performers and his observations of the world are all colored by it. Hage has a talent for wordplay and long sentences...

"I say, docters are the profiteers of death and unclaimed cadavers that were once inhabited by homeless and wandering poets! Doctors are the final custodians of those delusional walkers who roamed the streets, reciting monologues to imaginary friends, their long orangutan arms peeking out from magician's cuffs and reaching the inside the bellies of city barrels to make food appear and cans disappear and recycle into metal tables displaying the wretched of the earth, the unclaimed dead, in open chests and torn shoes."

Fly is also a lover of literature. His musings are extremely scholastic. He is tolerant of most people but has a certain disgust for non-readers. Literature is a big part of his life and he has hoarded hundred of books in his apartment.

He also talks about self pleasure A LOT. If the old wives tale was true, poor Fly would have been blind at a very young age.

I am rambling with this review, but the book sort of does that. Just floats from one story to the next like acts in a circus, and I suppose that was the intent. The writing was good, I just didn't connect with the story. It is a solid 3.0 because of the intelligence of his prose.
I received this book in a goodreads giveaway. My review is unbiased.