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The Kings and Queens of Roam - Daniel Wallace Books like this one are the reason I read! I absolutely love this book. It's the type of book where halfway in, I am already thinking of reading it again.

Helen and Rachel are two sisters living in a dying town called Roam. It was founded by their ancestor and they live all alone in the house he built. Rachel depends on Helen to take care of her because she is blind. Helen also depends on Rachel, but she does not entirely realize it. There lives have gone on in a fairly predictable manner for years until..something forces one of them to seek out an entirely different life.

All of the characters are well developed. In fact many of the chapters are named after them. You come to love them, hate them, and love them again over the course of the book. Even the side characters that usually no one pays attention to are really fleshed out (well, flesh might not be the right word)

It's hard to pinpoint what is so special about this book because there is so much going on in this fairly short story (under 300 pages). There are ghosts, magical water, vicious dogs and plenty of bears...can't forget the bears. People are deceived, trusted, killed, healed, shunned, forgiven, and abused (but not in that particular order).

I HIGHLY recommend this book especially if you like magical realism. I know I can't wait to read it AGAIN!

I received this book in a goodreads giveaway. My review is unbiased.