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Love - Toni Morrison Morrison managed to tell a very complex story in the span of a very short book. I really enjoyed the idea of the Cosey Resort where African-Americans could enjoy themselves in style at a time when the beaches were still segregated. There is a beach very close to me that has a similar history (American Beach, Florida)

Love tells the story of the Cosey family through flashbacks while we observe the empty shells that the Cosey women have become since the family patriarch, Bill Cosey, died.

I usually can figure out plot twists, but I was shocked at the one in LOVE. It actually turned my stomach a bit, and I wondered if it was necessary for it to be AS disturbing as it was. The story also lost believability points because of it. The thing that happened just doesn't seem at all possible during the era the book covers.

I really enjoyed the story until that point (very late in the story) so I ended up giving it 3 stars, but I would probably not read it again.