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Divergent - Veronica Roth I chose this book to read to complete a monthly challenge. It won a goodreads award so it fit the category and I have been wondering about it for a while.

I really enjoy dystopian novels and was hoping this one would be good. Well, despite all the complaining I'm about to do, I did enjoy it. Very good for a fluffy read. No need to bust out my dictionary on this one. It was also a quick read despite the high page count. The font used and the spacing in the book could have easily been only 350 ish pages in another format. It was almost like they were trying to make it look substantial for whatever reason. I'm not complaining because it was easy on my eyes.

The story itself lost some points right off the bat because of the premise. I just found the 5 factions (Abnegation, Amity, Dauntless, Erudite, and Candor) to be very well.... silly. I just could not suspend my belief AT ALL to consider that a society would come up with such trite divisions in the name of preventing war. It just doesn't make sense that an entire society would divide into 'high school clicks' and think that was a solution to world peace.

The main character was likable enough, but I was bored with her inner conflicts pretty early on... I'm selfless, no I'm selfish.... no I brave .... no I'm a coward... YAWN.

Most of the book was devoted to her time in initiation. That was a shame because I wish the author would have spent more time on the faction conflict that occurred in the very last part of the book. I suppose she will do that in the next book, but I probably won't read it.

So final verdict: Good enough to read once and recommend to most, but not good enough to read again, read the sequel, or go to any movie they come out with. :0) It definitely does not live up to the Hunger Games series, but I don't blame her for trying.